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Welcome to Printiko Digital Printing and Photography Services. First of all, we would like to thank you for choosing and reaching us via Our Website, over the phone or in person. We hope that your experience will be an excellent one – but if there is anything whatsoever you have a question about, or if you have any concerns at all, please be assured We are here to help. 


Following are the words that are written with a capital letter and their meanings within the Terms and Conditions: 

(a) Event Outside Our Control: is defined in clause 21.2.

(b) Goods: the goods that We are selling to you as set out in the Order.

(c) Order: your order for the Goods.

(d) Terms: the terms and conditions set out in this document and any other document referred to herewith; and

(e) We/Our/Us/the Company: Mind the Print Ltd. incorporated in England and Wales with Company Number 11404270 

1. Use of the Website

1.1 Although you can access to most of the content on the Website without registering your details with us, there are certain areas that can only be reached if you register.

1.2 By accessing any part of the Website, you are considered to have accepted this legal notice in full. Please do not use the Website if you do not accept this legal notice in full.

1.3 The legal notice may be updated or revised at any time, which means you should check the Terms and Conditions of the Website regularly in order to review the current legal notice as it will be your liability. Specific provisions of this legal notice may be invalidated by specially determined legal notices or terms located on certain pages on the Website.

2. Licence

2.1 You can print and download provisional extracts from the Website for personal use if you comply with following articles:

(a) Modification of any kind on the documents, texts or related graphics on the Website are not allowed.

(b) Extracts shall not compromise a significant part of the entire Website or specific image you view.

(c) Extracts shall only be used to select the image you want to use for your order.

(d) Graphics on the Website shall only be used with the corresponding text; and

(e) Our copyright and trademark notices and this permission notice shall appear in all copies.

2.2 The copyright and other intellectual property rights of all the material on the Website (including all photographs and graphical images) are possessed by the Company or its licensors. Any use of extracts from the Website other than the ones subject to articles of 2.1 is prohibited in accordance with this legal notice. If there is a breach of any term in this legal notice, the user’s permission to use the Website automatically terminates and the user must destroy any downloaded or printed extract straight away.

2.3 Subject to clause 2.1, the Website can only be reproduced or stored in other websites or used in any public or private electronic retrieval system or service, prior to the Company’s written permission.

2.4 All the rights not specifically stated in these terms are reserved.

3. Service access

3.1 We do our best to have the Website is fully available 24/7; However, we do not undertake any responsibility in case of an unavailability at any time or for any period due to any reason.

3.2 Access to the Website may be impermanently unavailable without notice if there is a system failure, maintenance, repair or for reasons beyond the Company’s control.


4. Visitor material and conduct

4.1 Except for personally identifiable information covered by the Company’s Privacy Policy, any content you upload, transmit or post on the Website is not considered confidential. The Company will have no liability for such materials. The Company and its representatives have the right to copy, publish, distribute, include, and otherwise use such content, and all data, images, sound, text and other content contained therein for any commercial or non-commercial purpose.

4.2 It is prohibited to upload, post or transmit to or from the Website any material:

  • (a) which is threatening, defamatory, obscene, rude, treacherous, aggressive, pornographic, abusive, racist, discriminatory, scandalous, provocative, blasphemous, in breach of trust or confidentiality, or which may cause annoyance or inconvenience; or
  • which violates child pornography laws, child sexual abuse laws, and laws prohibiting the depiction of minors involved in sexual abuse.
  • (c) for which you do not hold all necessary licences and/or approvals (including without limitation to the consent of individuals featured in any image); or
  • (d) which develops or promotes conduct that might constitute a criminal offence, imposes civil liability, or violates the rights of a third party, in any country of the world; or
  • (e) that is technically harmful (including but not limited to computer viruses, malicious components, Trojan horses, worms, logic bombs, corrupt data or other harmful software or data).

4.3 The user accepts that the Company does not preview the material submitted and the Company holds the right to refuse or delete any material available via the Website.

4.4 In compliance with these Terms and Conditions, your order and any material submitted may be reviewed by the Company.

4.5 The Company does not confirm any idea, recommendation, or advice that is expressed by the user or any material submitted to the site and does not undertake to be liable for the material submitted to the Company.

4.6 The user agrees to be responsible for the creation and compilation of the submitted content and neither the Company nor any other party, involved in the production of the product which includes the submitted material by the user, can be held responsible.

4.7 The Company’s production of the materials consisting of your submitted content; does not indicate that the Company approves the submitted content, or if the submitted content is following all applicable laws or you are exempt from any liability arising from the use of the submitted content.

4.8 You may not misuse the Website (including but not limited to hacking).

4.9 The Company and the user shall fully co-operate with any law enforcement authorities or court order, requesting or directing the parties to uncover the identity or locate anyone posting any content breaching the clauses 4.2 and 4.8.

5. Links to and from other websites

5.1 On the Website, there are links to third party websites that are only provided to assist you. You leave the Website when you use these links. The Company has not reviewed these third-party websites and does not control them. Therefore, the Company cannot be held responsible for these websites or their content or availability. The Company does not promote or represent these websites and its content, or any outcome that may be obtained from using them. Please notice that you access these third-party websites linked to the Website solely at your own risk.

6. Registration

6.1 Each registration can only be used by a single person.

6.2 You will be required to provide an email address and a password to complete your registration. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and for all activities and / or orders made with your password and account.

6.3 It is prohibited to share your username and password with any other person as well as multiple users on a network.

7. Disclaimer

7.1 Although the Company does its best to assure that all the information on the Website is correct, it cannot guarantee the certainty and intactness of the material on the Website. The Company might change the material or the products and their prices on the Website without prior notice at any time. If the material on the Website is out of date, there is no obligation for the Company to update such material.

7.2 The materials on the Website are provided as they are, without any terms, guarantees or conditions of any kind. Hence, to the extent allowed by law, the Website is provided based on the excluded representations, terms, guarantees and other conditions (including but not limited to the ones specified by law of fair quality, compliance for the use of decent care and skill which may have effect in relation to the Website but for this legal notice).

8. Liability

8.1 The Company, any other party (regardless of involving in creation, production, maintaining or delivering the Website), and/or any of the group companies and/or their employees, managers, officers, directors, shareholders or agents of any of them; does not undertake to be responsible or liable for any type or amount of loss or damage that may occur for the user or a third party (including but not limited to any penal, direct or consequential loss or damages, or any loss of income, benefit, prestige, data, profits, contracts, use of money, or loss or damages caused by or in connection by any means to business interruption, and whether in wrong (including but not limited to carelessness), contract or otherwise) in relation with the Website in any way or as a result of the use or inability to use the Website, any websites linked to the Website or the material on these websites, including without limitation to loss or damage of the computer equipment, software, data or other property due to a computer virus regarding to the user’s access to, use of, or browsing the Website or the user’s downloading of any material from the Website or any websites linked to the Website.

8.2 Provisions of this legal notice does not free the Company from or limit the Company’s liability for:

  • (a) fraud; or
  • (b) misrepresentation as to a fundamental matter; or
  • (c) death or personal injury caused by negligence (as such term is defined by the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977; or
  • (d) any liability which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.

9. Intellectual Property Policy

9.1 The Company holds the right to close the user’s account if the user violates or may violate the copyright or other intellectual property of others. The Company respects the intellectual property rights of others and requires all the users to do so.

9.2 Should you think that your content has been copied in a way that it creates a trademark and/or copyright violation, do not hesitate to contact the Company immediately to discuss further. Prior to the contact, please make sure to provide the following for assistance:

  • (a) Your contact details.
  • (b) A description of the copyrighted work and/or trademark claimed to have been violated; and
  • (c) Where the claimed violation is located on the Company’s Website.

9.3 Please contact the Company by email

10. Proprietary Rights

10.1 The user preserves all ownership rights of the material submitted to the Company. The user provides the Company with a non-exclusive, extensive, permanent and/or interchangeable right to revise, duplicate, recreate, modify and/or distribute the submitted material to issue the Order. 

10.2 The user undertakes and guarantees to be the owner of any material uploaded to the Website and/or submitted to the Company, and that the material violates no property rights, intellectual property rights (copyrights and trademarks) or other rights of others.

10.3 The user confirms that in the whole or a part of the content uploaded to the Website no ongoing dispute exists in connection with any property right, intellectual property right or other rights.

10.4 The user agrees to compensate the Company and its employees, officers, managers, directors, agents and licensors for all and any costs (including but not limited to indirect and consequential loss) incurred and/or arising from any accusation, claim or demand, legal action, distortion, or trial which arises or is based on:

  • (a) The user’s connection to the Website
  • (b) The use of the Website by the user.
  • (c); The contents submitted, uploaded, posted, or transmitted to the Website.
  • (d) The user’s violation of these Terms and Conditions.
  • (e) The user’s violation of any rights of a third party.


11. Our contract with you

11.1 Following are the terms and conditions on which the Goods are supplied to the user.

11.2 Before you submit your Order, please make sure that you read these Terms carefully, and ensure the details on the Order and in these Terms are complete and correct. Should you think that there is a mistake or request any changes, feel free to contact Us to discuss. In order to prevent any misunderstandings, We will confirm any changes in writing.

11.3 Submitting an Order to the Company does not mean that the Order for the Goods is accepted right away. We will not accept your Order and inform you in writing if we are not able to process your Order.

11.4 These Terms will become obligatory on you and the Company when you receive a written acceptance of an Order by e-mail. Accordingly, a contract will be signed between the Company and you.

11.5 When the Order is confirmed by the Company, an order number will be assigned, and you will be informed of it. Please maintain and quote the order number in all the related correspondence with the Company.

11.6 The images on the Website and the ones showing what your Goods will look like, are only for illustrative purposes. Although we do our best to display the colours accurately on the Website, we cannot guarantee that your computer would reflect the colours of the Goods accurately on the display. Your Goods may be slightly different from the images on the Website, please refer to article 15 below. 

12. Changes to order or terms

12.1 The Terms may occasionally be revised by the Company, please make sure you check the current terms when placing your order.

12.2 Once your Order has been received, it is not possible for you to change the Order without the Company’s prior consent as your Goods will be under process. 

13. Our Goods 

The customer, by placing an order with Printiko, acknowledges that they have the copyright of the images included therein. 

13.1 As the Goods are created as customised upon order; although online purchases can be returned within 7 working days, this does not apply to the contract between the Company and the customer. Hence, we will not be able to accept return if you change your mind afterwards.  

13.2 Because the Order is produced upon the content provided by the customer, it is strongly recommended that the pictures or images submitted are of high quality. Every submitted photo will be reviewed for compliance with the print quality. In case a poor-quality photo is submitted, we would require your written confirmation by e-mail before proceeding with the order, as it will affect the outcome. By providing an image without high printing quality, the customer accepts that the display may not be clear. 

13.3 If you are not satisfied with the quality of the appearance of Your Goods because your image does not meet our high-resolution printing requirements, you fully agree that you cannot return the Goods and assume no liability for this. 

14. Our Services 


About colour, contrast and density balance: Our decision on the colour, contrast and image density balance is final for printing any kind of coloured or black and white documents such as printing from digital formats, photographic film scannings, printing from films, canvas or poster prints and documents. The Company is not responsible to re-print or re-scan the Goods when the colour, contrast and image density balance cannot be left to customer’s choice or favour as it is impossible to anticipate or consider the customer’s desire. The customer provides specific instructions for related matters.    


A.1 If you are not in walking or commuting distance to our company, you can send your films to us free of charge by using the delivery form in Our Website licensed by the Post Office. Please note that these deliveries cannot be recorded or tracked as the standard tariff is used. We recommend you to safely pack your ready-to-print negatives in bubble wrap and keep a record of them. The customer is liable for the risks concerning the delivery of the materials or any loss or damage that may arise from using delivery service providers. The customer undertakes to get necessary insurances for the delivery of the materials or make other kinds of delivery arrangements.


A.2 It is impossible for the Company to estimate the value of the original and unprocessed films that are sent by the customer. Unlimited liability is not reflected or included in our processing prices. Although We take all the precautions to protect the customer’s property (including originals and photographic films to be processed), Our liability for any kind of damage or loss (whether it is due to negligence or anything else such as technical issues in camera, power cut-outs etc.) is restricted. The customer accepts that the replacement value of the materials submitted, cannot exceed the current market prices of the equivalent materials. Additionally, the Company shall not be liable for any other consequential, special, or indirect loss no matter the reason. Items deemed to have greater value by the owner will not be accepted.


A.3 The details of the chemicals used for developing the negatives, in which formats they are scanned, stored or sized are explained in the relevant pages. Please make sure you make the right choices in order for your films to be developed, digitalised and printed in the right way. 








15. If the goods are fault

The customer shall be liable for the risks of all the Goods and that Mind the Print Ltd. t / a Printiko is not responsible for any personal damage caused or physical faults occurred while shipping. You hold legal rights for defective goods as a consumer and should you consider that your product is faulty, please do not hesitate to contact as we will do our best to assist you. 

16. Delivery of goods

16.1 Delivery durations and charges may vary according to the distance of the address and the availability of the products. 

16.2 You will receive an estimated delivery date with the confirmation of your order. Please note that the provided dates are only estimated. There might be some delays in delivery of your product depending on the delivery service provider. Should you experience such delay, we will refund you the delivery cost (except the product cost) upon your request. Please refer to clause 21 for the Company’s responsibilities in case of an Event Outside Our Control. 

16.3 When your Goods are successfully delivered to the address you provided, Order process will be completed. 

16.4 The Goods will be returned to the Company and a note will be left when there is no one at your address. In this case, you can contact us to again to rearrange delivery. 

16.5 If the Order cannot be delivered as a whole at one time because of operational causes or inadequate stock, the Order will be delivered in instalments. You will not be charged for any extra delivery costs. However, please note that you may be charged for extra delivery costs if delivery in instalments or to multiple addresses is your request. These terms will cover each instalment separately. You are not entitled to cancel any other instalment if an instalment is late in delivery or faulty. 

16.6 After the completion of an Order as stated in clause 16.3, you will be fully liable for the Goods. 

17. Seller's guarantee of goods

17.1 The Company guarantees that the Goods will have no material faults within the 14 days after delivery. However, this guarantee does not apply in the circumstances described in clause 18.2. 

17.2 Please note that defects arising from following reasons in the Goods will not be within the scope of guarantee: 

(a) fair wear and tear.

(b) failing to follow the operation or usage instructions for the Goods.

(c) intentional damage, inappropriate storage or working conditions, accident, oversight of the customer or a third party.

(d) any specification provided by you. 

18. Price and payment

18.1 Only the retail customers can benefit from promotions and special offer prices, commercial customers cannot make use of such opportunities. Packaging and delivery expenses depend on separate instalments. Prices that are specified, including packaging and delivery, are only valid at the time of order. Updating product prices or information on the Website ( automatically invalidates previous ones. The version valid at the time of the order is decisive in each case.

18.2 Prices designated on the Website are valid whilst placing your Order. Although prices may change at any time, it will have no effect on your confirmed Orders.

18.3 The prices mentioned in clause 18.2 include VAT. However, any change in VAT will be charged to you, unless the full amount for the Goods has been already paid in between the time of Order and delivery, before the VAT change.

18.4 Delivery costs are not included in the prices, it will be separately added to the total amount due.

18.5 The payment for the Goods shall be made in advance by using credit card, debit card or PayPal. We take payments from most of the generally used credit and debit cards.

18.6 We do not store or record your financial data; you will be required to re-enter your payment details every time you place an order. Credit card details are not stored, and customer details are not shared with third parties.

18.7 You are allowed to use one discount voucher code for each Order. These codes cannot be used together with any other PRINTIKO offer. 

19. Our liability to you

19.1 We undertake to compensate you for any loss or damage, which is a clear consequence of the Company’s violation of these Terms or negligence. However, please note that we will not be liable for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable.

19.2 The supplied Goods are for domestic and private use only. The customer agrees not to use the Goods for any commercial, business or re-sale purpose, and that the Company has no responsibility for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, or loss of business opportunity.

19.3 The company’s liability is not excluded or limited in any way for the following:

(a) death or personal injury caused by the Company’s negligence or the negligence of the Company’s employees, agents, or subcontractors.

(b) fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

19.4 In accordance with the clauses above, maximum liability of the Company cannot exceed the amount paid for the Order in all cases, under which the Company’s liability arises. 

20. Events Outside Our Control

20.1 The Company shall not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of the Company’s obligations under these Terms, which is caused by an Event Outside Our Control.

20.2 Event Outside Our Control is an action or event beyond the Company’s control, including but not limited to strikes, lock-outs or other industrial action by third parties, civil commotion, riot, force major, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war, fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural disaster, or failure of public or private telecommunications networks, disruption to service attacks.

20.3 In case of an Event Outside Our Control, which will affect the performance of the Company’s obligations under these Terms:

(a) You will be contacted by the Company within the shortest possible time for notification; and

(b) The Company’s liabilities arising from these Terms and Conditions will be suspended and will not take place until the Event Outside Our Control ends. If the delivery of the Goods to the customer is affected due to an Event Outside Our Control, a new delivery date will be arranged when the Event Outside Our Control is over.

21. Your rights to cancel and applicable refund

21.1 Personalised Products cannot be cancelled or refunded: These are Digital Photo Prints, Film Enhancements, Posters, Canvases, Document Prints, Brochures and Flyers, Booklets, Stickers and Calendars. Because Personalised Products are tailored to your specific needs, cancellation of a contract or refund requests are not applicable to these products due to the nature of the product. Please also note that the customer’s right for defective or not as described made-to-order products will not be affected.

An “Order Received” message will appear on the Personal Order Panel when the Company receives the files, photos or negatives you have sent. You are able to cancel your Personalised Product Order on the Website within the processing time of your Order. Your refund will take place within 5 working days. If the Order is marked as “In Production” in “My Orders” page, it means We have started to produce your Order and it is not possible to change it. 

22. Our rights to cancel and applicable refund

22.1 If an Order needs to be cancelled by the Company before the delivery of the Goods:

(a) In case of an Event Outside Our Control or unavailable stock, the Company may cancel your Order before the Goods are delivered and you will be contacted immediately.

(b) You will be refunded in full for the Goods that are subject to clause 22.1(a), if you have made any advance payment for the Goods that are not delivered.

23. Information about us and how to contact us

23.1 The Company is registered in England and Wales and the company registration number is 11404270.

23.2 Please do not hesitate to contact Us if you have any questions or need our help with anything. You can contact Us by calling Our customer service team on 020 7254 9582 or by email

23.3 You can send an e-mail if you need to contact Us in writing, or a written consent is requested due the clauses of these Terms. We will confirm receipt of this by contacting you in writing. We will also send an e-mail to the address you provided during placing your Order, when we need to contact you or give you a written notice.

24. Our Cookie Policy

Cookies are used in the Website in order to recognise you among other users. This helps Us to improve the Website and provide you a better using experience. By continuing to browse the Website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that are stored by the Company on your browser or the hard drive of your computer, if you have agreed. Cookies contain information that is transferred to your computer's hard drive.

First party (Google Analytics cookie) and third-party cookies (Double Click & Criteo) are used together by Printiko and third-party vendors including Google to inform, optimise and serve ads based upon the user’s previous visits to the Website. To be more precise, display advertising is implemented and being used on the Website and Google Analytics is utilised to carry out a particular feature named remarketing. Remarketing, a Google Adwords feature, enables to improve the ad content delivery tailored to a user, based on previous visits to the Website. Please refer to the following link for detailed information on Google Analytics Remarketing

The user can opt out of Google Analytics for display advertising by using the Google Ads preference manager in the link here - You may also download the tool for your browser to opt out from the link here-

25. Other Important Terms

25.1 The Company may transfer its rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions to another organisation. In the event of a transfer, the Company shall notify the user in writing and the rights of the user and liabilities of the Company will not be affected.

25.2 This agreement is between the Company and the user and no other party shall have the right to enforce any of these terms.

25.3 Paragraphs under these Terms and Conditions operates separately. Should any of the paragraphs is decided to be unlawful by any court or relevant authority, it will not affect the full enforcement of remaining paragraphs. 

25.4 Our failure to make sure that you undertake your responsibilities under these Terms, or not deciding on or delaying the enforcement of Our rights, does not mean that We have renounced Our rights and that you no longer have to comply with those terms. If we waive one of Our rights, we will notify you only in writing, but this does not mean that We will automatically waive from Our rights in the future.

25.5 Governing law. The clauses under these Terms and Conditions are governed by English law. The Company and the user both agrees to obey the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.